Wrestling Book Database Launched

October 11, 2021

Matt Stroud has just gone live with a database aiming to list every professional wrestling book. The Wrestling Book Inventory is available as both a sortable list web page and a full-blown database.

It currently has 492 titles, with plans for frequent updates. While it’s already sortable through details such as publisher and publication date, the next planned step is further tagging by subject to allow, for example, filtering to show biographies about British wrestlers.

One Comment

  • George Brown II October 12, 2021 at 2:31 am

    For 492 entries – pretty good. In my personal collection – I have over 250 books on pro wrestling and it’s history (and I preordered both Truth Bee Told about B Brian Blair and Butts in the Seats from Tony Schiavone). I actually had a few more on my kindle before somehow they got deleted.

    I can provide pictures of my collection as well as lists. Does any fans have more, perhaps but little to none compare.. contact me and I will show you.