New Titus O’Neil Book Coming
News / June 28, 2024

Titus O’Neil has a second book scheduled for September release (blurb below.) It’s a sequel to There’s No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype which we previously reviewed. As with that title, it appears to be largely non-wrestling content. Wrestling with Fatherhood: My Championship Journey to My Greatest Title: Dad After a decorated career in college football and WWE, Titus O’Neil considers being a father his greatest accolade. In 2015, O’Neil was named the Celebrity Father of the Year, but like all parents, he realizes he is far from perfect. In Wrestling with Fatherhood, O’Neil shares his successes and failures in parenting his three children, hoping that others can learn from his experiences. O’Neil first became a father 19 years ago with the birth of his first son, and his second followed two years later. Having grown up fatherless, he learned on the fly how to raise two babies into thriving young men and later adopted a teenage daughter. This book details the numerous trials and tribulations along the way, offering guidance for those facing similar circumstances. Each chapter tackles an important parenting topic, replete with revealing anecdotes, advice, and commentary from celebrity friends….

My Recommendations
News / January 10, 2024

Following a question from a reader, I thought I’d share some recommendations from among the 250+ books I’ve reviewed on the site, broken into a few categories. The Must Haves These are books that every wrestling fan should own: A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex by Chris Jericho Gorgeous George by John Capouya Have A Nice Day by Mick Foley Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart Hooker by Lou Thesz (which I appear to have not reviewed for some reason. The best version is the annotated reprint from Crowbar Press.) Pain and Passion: The History of Stampede Wrestling by Heath McCoy Pure Dynamite by Tom Billington Hidden Gems These are books which I particularly enjoyed but have either been forgotten or didn’t get as much buzz for some reason: A Chosen Destiny by Drew McIntyre Chair Shots And Other Obstacles: Winning Life’s Wrestling Matches by Bobby Heenan Headquarters by Mike Quackenbush Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D. – The Reality of Amy Dumas by Amy Dumas Spandex Ballet by Lee Kyle Tod is God: The Authorized Story of How I Created Extreme Championship Wrestling by Tod Gordon & Sean Oliver Niche Topics…

Amateur-to-Pro Journey Covered In New Book
News / November 6, 2023

Congratulations to reader Jason Norman on the publication of his book American Women in Amateur Wrestling, 2000-2022. Although it’s primarily about the growth of the female amateur scene and it’s tumultuous status in the Olympics, it does include a chapter on women who have moved from the amateur ranks into pro wrestling.

The Future of Pro Wrestling Books
News / October 30, 2023

Having reached the milestone of my 250th review, I’ve decided now is the right time to cease regular updates of Pro Wrestling Books. This is primarily because the money generated by ads and affiliate links no longer justifies the time I spend on the blog. A secondary issue is that the way Amazon is now flooded by low quality “books” produced either through cut-and-pasting of Wikipedia or generative AI tools, to the point that when a wrestler dies, there’ll be literally dozens of so-called biographies published within a day. This has overwhelmed Amazon’s algorithms such that search tools for upcoming or recent releases of wrestling titles are virtually useless. The practical changes of my move as as follows: The 250 reviews on the site will remain online. I’ll still add new reviews as and when I read a wrestling title, but these will become less frequent. I will no longer post the weekly release schedule or the recent release round-up features. As these are time-sensitive, I’ll be removing the archive posts for these categories which may mean the site as a whole works more smoothly and loads quicker. Thank you to everyone who has read, subscribed to the blog, shared…

Adrian Adonis bio coming soon
News / February 21, 2023

John Ellul has a biography of Adrian Adonis to be published on 23 March in paperback and ebook. Pre-orders of the Kindle version are available from Amazon now. Flowers for Adrian: The Life and Death of Adrian Adonis is a detailed and engaging look at the life, death, and legacy of professional wrestler Keith Franke, who competed as “Gorgeous” Keith Franks and “Adorable” Adrian Adonis during the 1970s and 1980s before his untimely death in 1988. This biography, the first of its kind, takes readers from Franke’s start in life as an orphan, to achieving his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler. The tale plays out across the vibrant background of wrestling’s territories, where Franke learned his trade the ‘old-fashioned’ way in California, Amarillo, Portland, and elsewhere. One-half of the pioneering East West Connection with future Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, Adonis headlined Madison Square Garden before being front and centre during the WWF’s international expansion. What could possibly go wrong?  Through meticulous research and interviews with a range of sources, readers will learn the story of Adonis’ life and career, and much more, including: The tale of the original Adrian Adonis, dating back over 100 years. The true story of his infamous…

nWo Book In The Works
News / June 3, 2022

ESPN’s Marc Raimondi is to write a book about the nWo for Simon and Schuster. Titled “For Life: The Inside Story Of Pro-Wrestling’s New World Order, And How It Changed America”, it’s described as: A narrative history of how professional wrestling’s most popular faction impacted and influenced American culture by blurring the lines between reality and entertainment. Raimondi plans to document the book’s progress at

Giant Haystacks book coming soon
News / January 11, 2022

British writer Rob Cope will soon be releasing Giant Haystacks: My Heavyweight hero. It’s adapted from interviews Cope originally conducted in 1998 for what would have been a ghostwritten autobiography, with Cope describing the revised book as a: personal memoir of how a young fan was invited to the home of his wrestling hero, and the story Martin Ruane told me of his life… Its not a book about wrestling (although wrestling does feature) but is of how a unique figure battled through against the odds to become a British icon. The book will be sold online only with all proceeds going to Manchester’s Christie’s Cancer Hospital.

Wrestling Book Database Launched
News / October 11, 2021

Matt Stroud has just gone live with a database aiming to list every professional wrestling book. The Wrestling Book Inventory is available as both a sortable list web page and a full-blown database. It currently has 492 titles, with plans for frequent updates. While it’s already sortable through details such as publisher and publication date, the next planned step is further tagging by subject to allow, for example, filtering to show biographies about British wrestlers.

Brian Blair Autobiography Coming Soon
News / September 10, 2021

Truth Bee Told, the autobiography of Brian Blair, has reached its target on crowdfunding site Indiegogo and is scheduled for publication and delivery next month. It’s still available to order through the site with a range of bonus options including autographed copies and a Killer Bees mask. Blurb as follows: After reading an early draft of Truth Bee Told, Oliver Bateman of The Ringer declared “… in many ways, it’s the best wrestling book I’ve ever read.” Esteemed wrestling journalist and book reviewer Jamie Hemmings identified Truth Bee Told as a clear candidate for the title of professional wrestling book of the year, and Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter proclaimed Truth Bee Told to be “awesome” when asked about it on his show. Featuring forewords by Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Steve “Gator” Keirn, an afterword from Hulk Hogan,  and dozens of personal behind-the-scenes photos from Brian Blair’s life and wrestling career, Truth Bee Told has been praised by reviewers as an instant classic professional wrestling autobiography. Despite growing up amidst the challenges caused by poverty, disfiguring injuries and familial strife, Brian Blair’s determination to better himself and his life circumstances took him to worldwide wrestling fame, and also to major successes in the realms of business and politics. Truth…

Wrestletopia Series Seeks Kickstarter Backing
News / June 21, 2021

The producers of the Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia graphic novel series are seeking Kickstarter backing to bring the completed series together as a single volume book: Backers can get PDF or print copies, or pay a higher amount to get bonus items such as mock pay-per-view promotional posters and trading cards based on the series. When disgruntled professional wrestler “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Rory Landell declares himself “galactic champion of the universe,” little does he know that he’s sparked an intergalactic war with a planet of aliens for whom wrestling isn’t just real, it’s their way of life! Now Earth is paying the price—but can Rory get his act together in time to save us all? I previously reviewed the first volume of the series: