Wrestletopia Series Seeks Kickstarter Backing

June 21, 2021

The producers of the Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia graphic novel series are seeking Kickstarter backing to bring the completed series together as a single volume book: Backers can get PDF or print copies, or pay a higher amount to get bonus items such as mock pay-per-view promotional posters and trading cards based on the series.

When disgruntled professional wrestler “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Rory Landell declares himself “galactic champion of the universe,” little does he know that he’s sparked an intergalactic war with a planet of aliens for whom wrestling isn’t just real, it’s their way of life! Now Earth is paying the price—but can Rory get his act together in time to save us all?

I previously reviewed the first volume of the series: https://prowrestlingbooks.com/invasion-from-planet-wrestletopia-1-a-date-with-destiny/


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