This Is Wrestling! by George Napolitano

May 30, 2019

If you’ve read my review of Championship Wrestling by Napolitano, you know what to expect here. Sadly this book fails to meet even those limited expectations.

It’s the same basic concept — a collection of Napolitano photographs in a coffee-table format book — but looks remarkably like the publishers saw Championship Wrestling and decided to see if they could capitalise with a version that was quicker and cheaper to produce.

This runs only 60 pages with just three sections (an intro, the main body and a brief ‘outside the ring’ section). The photos are much blander from an artistic perspective than in Championship Wrestling and several are even somewhat out of focus. The closest thing to an unusual picture is one of Ron Simmons with his wife, while the main attraction for the type of teenage boy who’d buy this (in other words, me) is a shot of Madusa Miceli in a leather dress. That’s not exactly enough to carry a book in the Internet age.

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