The Professional Wrestling Trivia Book by Robert Myer

June 14, 2019

This isn’t an information piece but rather a quiz book. It’s serviceable enough but with little reread value.

Published in 1988, it’s made up of nothing more than 500 multiple choice questions, grouped as “Heroes and Villains”, “Tag Teams”, “Legends of The Past” and the not entirely politically correct “Women, Blacks and Midgets.”

The questions aren’t inherently difficult, but in some cases the age of the book makes them a little more challenging now. To give some random examples of the tone and difficulty:

He is America’s hero

A) Hulk Hogan

B) Sergeant Slaughter

C) Ric Flair

D) Dusty Rhodes

(Answer: B, presumably because it was a specific nickname he used at that time.)

… was responsible for the initial success of the Fabulous Ones.

A) Jackie Fargo

B) Ernie Roth

C) Lou Albano

D) Jimmy Hart

(Answer: A)

Ronnie Garvin hooked up with… to create the Risky Business Boys.

A) Dusty Rhodes

B) Steve Regal

C) Rick Morton

D) Scott Hall

(Answer: A)


The book has a few minor problems. One is that some questions don’t have a clearly objective answer, such as one asking which wrestler “experts consider to be the top black athlete in pro wrestling.” Another is that there’s no explanation with the answers, even when it’s an “odd one out” format. There’s also some odd wording including a question about “Which team has more trouble getting around the ring” which, judging from the answer, appears to be asking which pairing weighs the most.

For the most part the questions are fine and the real limitation is, as with any such book, that once you’ve “played” you’re done. As it’s available for pennies, it might be worth picking up to kill some time or challenge your next wrestling fan get-together.

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