The Big Daddy Annual 1983

October 18, 2019

As with most annuals, the chances are few people bought this for themselves. Instead it was more likely a gift from relatives (“Auntie Audrey and Uncle David” were the original buyers of my used copy) who were taking a guess at a youngster’s interests. Let’s hope most of them got it right, because this is a book for people who love Big Daddy, and people who love Big Daddy alone.

It runs to 80 pages and as you might expect, is largely made up of photos, with little accompanying text. Other than a two-page interview, there’s no real detail. Instead, there’s some amazing padding including a photo feature on British wrestlers of the day, a board game, a piece on competitors in sports other than wrestling, and a lot of comic strips.

The strips include an extract from Johnny Cougar, a regular story in the Tiger comic who wrestled his away in and out of scrapes around the world. In this edition he winds up wrestling Daddy, which is a bit like seeing Superman wrestle Hulk Hogan. Neither Daddy nor Cougar were known for losing bouts, so it’s a little frustrating not to discover how this particular clash ended.

The other strips are a combination of the Big Daddy strip from the Buster comic and cartoons created specifically for the annual. They’re generally less sophisticated than a Daddy match and usually follow the pattern “Daddy is very large/this creates or resolves a dilemma/LOL.”

It’s unlikely anyone will discover anything new reading the annual, but for Brits at least it’s available cheaply enough for completists, collectors or Daddy obsessives.

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