Shake, Wrestle ‘n’ Roll by Adrian Street

November 25, 2019

As a collectable item this is as quirky as ever. As a novel, it’s now a victim of the fact that truth is stranger than fiction.

We’ve previously covered <a href=”“>Street’s comprehensive series of autobiographies</a> which are full of some genuinely amazing tales of life in and out of the ring. This forerunner was published back in 1987 and is instead a semi-autobiographical work of fiction produced as part of Street’s barrage of merchandising with music videos, albums and other paraphernalia during his US run. Appropriately enough the book is printed on pink paper.

Most of the story is based on the Street character bridging the worlds of wrestling and music with themes that will be familiar to those who’ve seen the movies Body Slam or Grunt. Indeed, the back cover notes Street had a screenplay of the same title, as well as releasing an <a href=””>album that’s still available to download</a>.

However, while it’s largely fiction, readers of Street’s autobiographies will recognise a few elements of reality such as the story of his entry into the business in England which is not far removed from reality. There are also a few nice touches such as an undercard wrestler performing as Tarzan Boy Jonathan, which was Street’s original ring name in “real life” and an amusing incident with a jalepeno pepper which just so happens to match a story often told among British wrestlers and generally credited to Steve Logan.

If you’re looking for an account of Street’s career, this is now somewhat redundant, but it’s certainly worth tracking down if you’re into unusual titles.

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