Sailor White by Dave Elliott

October 28, 2019

While the title may not be familiar to many readers, some may know the subject best as Moondog King, a short-lived WWWF tag team champion in 1981.

That title run and its unfortunate conclusion is addressed from the outset of the book and later highlighted as the turning point of Edward White’s life. After working for several Canadian territories, he won the WWWF titles with Moondog Rex.

Only a couple of months into the reign he attempted to return to the US after an unscheduled trip home to Montreal but was refused entry by border guards. It’s not entirely clear from the book whether this was because he had no working visa, had a criminal record that came to light, or both.

Either way, that was the end of his WWWF run and he was replaced in the team. The rest of his career was split between overseas dates and a decline into drug addiction and even trafficking.

While White’s was certainly an eventful life, and the book is well-written, it’s main drawback is that no one aspect of the book really stands out in depth. There’s some insight into his wrestling career and his personal life is covered but neither is compelling enough to make the book a must-read in itself.

While it’s certainly worth your time reading if you spot it at a bargain price, it’s not something that could possibly justify the exorbitant prices at which its often listed on Amazon.
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