Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Journey by Diamond Dallas Page & Larry Genta

November 13, 2019

Long, perhaps overly detailed, and full of twists and turns with an upbeat ending. But enough about how Dallas Page plans his matches: let’s talk about his book.

At 442 pages and not even reaching the end of his WCW career, this book certainly doesn’t miss anything out. If you find Page’s style of confidence to be abrasive, this is going to be a struggle. For most readers however, it will be a treat.

Part of the bulk is down to the production style, with material coming in three ways (marked by different typefaces): Page’s own account; a third-person biographical sections to fill in the chronology by co-writer Larry Genta; and recollections of many of Page’s peers. It gives a more rounded view, but makes the book feel somewhat intense at times.

The length is also caused by what appears to have been a very generous editing process with seemingly nothing left out. Turning to pages at random, you’ll learn about Lex Luger’s luggage packing techniques, the billing process of an early internet service provider and a PR strategy for a nightclub.

This might be annoying in some accounts, but its appropriate for Page’s life story. The seemingly lengthy sections on his time in the club scene helps reinforce the unlikely way in which he was already 35 years old before becoming a full-time pro wrestler (following a brief series of independent matches in the 1970s) and then worked his way to a first world title at 43.

None of this came by accident and the book gives detailed insight into Page’s self-promotion and relentlessly upbeat approach to life and the way he built his in-ring persona. As long as you’re prepared to put in the time reading it, this is a definite thumbs up.

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