Pierre Von Mercy: A Life Of Pain by DC Cameron

May 31, 2022

The latest in a line of fictional autobiographies of pro wrestlers, this has plenty of colour but not enough polish.

Pierre Von Mercy — whose real name is creatively obscured from the reader — is a former circus strongman who’s recruited into pro wrestling and goes on to be a major star with an NWA-like group of territories.

Individually, the incident and anecdotes in the book are lively enough with vivid descriptions. There’s also a good sense of how Von Mercy approaches the business at different stages of his career, from green rookie to top dog to elder statesman passing the torch.

However, they don’t always fit together into an overarching story, even given the book’s stated emphasis on his personal experience rather than the in-ring action.

The book could also have benefited from some significant editing. An almost complete absence of colons and semi-colons means frequent run-on sentences, while several timeline inconsistencies interrupt the flow for the reader.

It’s certainly not boring and does evoke the atmosphere of the territorial era points, but it’s hard to call it a must-read. The free sample on Kindle and the Amazon site is reflective of the book as a whole, so that may be worth checking out by potential buyers.

Disclaimer: The author provided a review copy.

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