Life Is Short And So Am I by Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl with Ross Owen Williams

August 20, 2019

A Hornwsoggle autobiography might not seem the most obviously engaging title, but it could be the sleeper surprise of 2019.

While the book does address Postl’s height and medical condition, it’s very much not a cliched story of “triumph over tragedy”. Instead most of the detail on the subject is about the practicalities of his lack of height such as the fact he can drive a car without any problems but would likely be endangered rather than helped were his airbag to deploy.

Wrestling makes up the bulk of the book and in turn his WWE stint makes up the bulk of his career. It’s a great insight into the pros and cons of a WWE run, with a few added twists such as spending many hours under the ring during live events and TV shows.

The book is ghostwritten by Ross Williams and as with his previous collaborations with Bob Holly and Al Snow, it feels honestly told rather than a deliberate attempt to either maintain good relations or settle old scores. There’s plenty of acknowledgement of the opportunities and fortune of travelling the country and being a TV star, but also the frustration at an impenetrable creative process and periods of not being used.

The book also has a revealing insight into Postl’s suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy that provoked some speculative hot takes at the time. There’s also a wonderful story about the first time Postl met Duane Johnson.

Even if you weren’t the biggest Hornwsoggle fan, this is a definite thumbs up for anyone interested in a balanced and fair behind-the-scenes account of WWE over the past decade.

Life Is Short And So Am I is released on September 19. 

Disclaimer: The publishers provided a review copy.

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