Hulkamania! Hulk Hogan America’s Hero by Abbot Neil

September 18, 2019

As cash-in titles go, this is pretty decent if not exactly hard-hitting journalism.

While there’s a couple of chapters of capsule profiles and a pre-1984 history (including the claim that the wrestling business collapsed in the 1960s and was still in a terrible state when Vince Jr came to power), it’s largely a kayfabe-respecting account of the main Hogan and WWF storylines from his title win through the first WrestleMania, with that event covered in enough detail and photographs to take up 55 pages.

It’s very much a storyline-based history in which Roddy Piper was born in Glasgow and Moolah was at the end of a 26 year title reign, and there’s no original research, with all the quotes taken from WWE broadcasts, TV guest show appearances and wrestling magazines and books.

Despite all that it’s a relatively fun and breezy read that captures the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling era well. It’s also got a good selection of photographs licensed from both the wrestling and mainstream media.

It’s not one to go out of your way to track down, but well worth picking up for collector value if you see it at a decent price.

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