Everybody Down Here Hates Me by Pat Barrett

April 9, 2019

This book is a real two-for-one deal: a great story, and a fun game as a bonus.

The great story comes from Barrett having a true globetrotter career: as well as several US territories including the WWWF, he worked in the UK, continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. He covers his various exploits in the ring along with plenty of colour about experiencing different locales.

The book doesn’t outright talk about wrestling being worked, but there’s enough detail for those who read between the lines that you shouldn’t find your intelligence insulted.

The fun game comes from the fact that while Barrett uses many real names, he also changes the names of people at the centre of controversies. It’s a curious approach to defamation laws, but it’s entertaining to try to decipher who he is talking about — though not always that challenging.

For example:

“Flamboyant” promoter Tim Bernard = Jim Barnett

Nashville promoter Gulus the Greek = Nick Gulas

Masked man Gregory Nielson = Gordon Nelson

Blind wrestler Morris Shapiro = Mighty Atlas

Jake West = Jay York

The Indian = Wahoo MacDaniel

Ron Peters = Ken Patera

Prankster Joey Hart = Johnny Valentine

Andrew Lane = Adrian Street

There are plenty more to hunt down — add a comment if you spot any you’d like to share!

All in all, it’s a fun recommended read and definitely worth picking up a used copy as it normally goes for a low price.

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