Confessions of a Smart Wrestling Fan by Lorcan Mulla

October 31, 2019

Lorcan Mullan has been a fan of the wild, unpredictable and unique world of professional wrestling for over twenty years. This book continues on from his hit solo stand-up comedy show in providing a personal history of life as a obsessive in the wild, bizarre and unique world of pre-determined tussles.

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t hold out much hope when I read the description, but it’s actually tremendous. I don’t know how many non-wrestling fans would actually stick with it all the way through (as opposed to seeing a one-hour show version), but I genuinely can’t imagine any wrestling fan in their forties or younger, particularly based in the UK, not enjoying it. You’ll either enjoy the nostalgia, learn about being a fan “back in the day”, repeatedly recognise yourself in the book, or some combination of the three. There’s enough of the “here’s what happened in wrestling/here’s what happened in my life” to make it more interesting that a bunch of old Scott Keith reviews, but not so much that it becomes clunky. It’s the closest thing to a wrestling version of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch. It covers everything from Hogan-Warrior to Cena-Punk, but it’s a “moments in a fan’s life” selection rather than a history of wrestling, so it’s got all those milestones like the first time you see an IWA/FMW tape advert, or that time Jacqueline went toplessat Capital Carnage, along with pretending to be HHH in a WWE AOL chatroom and realising how much the crowd stinks at ROH in Liverpool along the way, plus the whole mark>smark>realising you were being a dick progression. Big thumbs up.

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