Complete Book of Wrestling by George Napolitano

October 10, 2019

The third in our series of reviews of books based around the photography of George Napolitano, this is a different proposition to Championship Wrestling and This Is Wrestling. Originally priced at an eyewatering $49.95 (in 1988 prices), this runs nearly 400 pages and is far more comprehensive.

It’s made up of just over 100 profiles of wrestlers with a blurb of a few paragraphs and a spread of pics that usually includes at least one full-page image. It’s a bit of an odd mix as it has top stars from the various promotions active at the time of production (WWF, Crockett, Memphis and the tail-end of the UWF) along with a dozen or so women from GLOW, so you’ll have genuine superstar like Hulk Hogan followed by a profile on Malibu.

The pics are a great mix of studio poses and action shots. There’s also quite heavy use of cropping where the wrestler appears to be bursting out of the frame, something that creates a neat effect but does have an air of wanting to show off what passed for the latest technology.
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