Chavo Guerrero’s Warriors Creed By Fabian Nicieza, Eddie Nunez & Fabiano Neves

April 15, 2019

The niche of people crying out for a Chavo Guerrero comic book is presumably quite small, but this should certainly satisfy their needs.

The first in a planned series, referred to in publicity as Warriors Creed, this is very much a taster with little storyline development. All we really discover in the 24 page debut instalment is that Guerrero retires through injury but is pursued by mysterious powers seeking to capture a particular ability he has.

One unusual element is that in the storyline pro wrestling is a worked entertainment event, meaning that this and future instalments will not be drawing drama from Guerrero’s attempts to win matches.

Artwise, I’m no expert, but there’s a distinct theme of large blocks of single colours, giving an effect similar to A Scanner Darkly (but without the photorealism.) It’s also very much comic book/graphic novel style in that this Chavo appears as if he most certainly would not pass a wellness test.

It’s a curious choice of subject as Chavo doesn’t have the masked persona traditionally associated with Mexican wrestling superheroes and his current Lucha Underground character is an unlikely hero.

While there’s nothing wrong with this as such, there’s also too little to tell whether the story will overcome these potential handicaps and develop into something compelling as (or if) the series progresses.

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