Buggsy McGraw-inspired Book In Development

October 27, 2020

Ian Douglass, who worked with Buggsy McGraw on his autobiography, is using Kickstarter to publish The Incredible Brute, a new book inspired by McGraw’s career:

This literary project is intended to create an appreciation for the early stages of the professional wrestling career of Michael Davis. Years before he entertained thousands of fans as Buggsy McGraw, Davis made his debut under a mask in Detroit as The Big O.  From there, Davis would remove the mask and wrestle as Beautiful Brutus before enjoying the most productive years of his career as The Brute and Buggsy McGraw!

Set primarily in the Detroit wrestling territory of the late 1960s, “The Incredible Brute” is a comic-style coloring book that transforms the early career of Davis into a superhero’s origin story. This fantastical professional wrestling parody will be a great collector’s item for fans of Detroit’s Big Time Wrestling era, and also for fans of any of Mike Davis’ colorful wrestling personas.

This book is written by Ian Douglass, illustrated by M.W. Leitzel, published by Darkstream Press, and is included in the ongoing Bledtime Stories line of collectible pro wrestling coloring books

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