Between the Ropes: Wrestling’s Greatest Triumphs and Failures by Brian Fritz and Christopher Murray

June 6, 2023

There’s nothing wrong with this but it’s not a necessary read in 2023.

Between The Ropes was a radio show broadcasting in Orlando, kicking off at the height of the Monday Night Wars. (Several years after this book’s publication it transitioned to an online presence and is now a podcast.)

The bulk of this book is four overview histories covering WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA, with a particular emphasis on the period from the mid-90s to the book’s 2006 publication. They are generally fair overviews, though even in 2006 they were covering well-worn territory.

The main hook of the book is the inclusion of extracts from appearances of dozens of stars on the radio show, plugged into the chronology to provide something of an oral history. This is an area where judging the book in 2023 feels somewhat unfair as what may have been fresh and insightful back then now seems more redundant with the people involved having told similar stories in countless podcasts, shoot interviews, autobiographies and documentaries.

The remaining chapters profile some of the more frequent wrestlers guests, though these don’t really add much beyond the fact they are all nice guys and some of them like to party.


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