Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl by Rebecca Quin

April 17, 2024

Not just an biography, this is a remarkable insight into the psychology and mental element of working as a professional wrestler at every level of the business.

Lynch’s career path is an unusual one, grinding on the independent circuit for several years then getting completely out of the business before returning via a WWE tryout and going straight into the new-look developmental system. This comes across in the book as a different perspective of the usual experience of moving from being active on the independent circuit into the “big league”.

The biggest theme of the book is the balance and seeming contradiction between the self-doubt that comes with knockbacks and struggling to make an impression with fans and management, and the sheer confidence and drive to be determined to headline WrestleMania despite it seeming a near-impossibility that any woman would ever do so, let alone herself.

There’s plenty of behind-the-scenes detail here that confirms many rumors about wrestlers on all sides aiming to preserve their position (including the first appearance of a particularly strong expletive in a WWE-based autobiography), but it’s primarily about Lynch herself. In some ways it resembles Drew Galloway’s decision to focus his book on his thought process, the difference being that for much of the book Lynch knows the outcome she’s trying to achieve but has yet to figure out how to get there. It’s also a reminder of how success in the wrestling business requires a blend of hard work, talent, personality and luck that few can pull off.

The book also explores Lynch’s personal relationship with her future husband and the unique mental challenge of falling in love with Colby Lopez at the precise moment she was battling Seth Rollins for her coveted main event spot at WrestleMania.

Long-time UK and Ireland fans will find particular interest in the early sections (with hindsight, the scene of a young Lynch and Finn Balor attending a rival promotion’s show where they saw Sheamus stand out is quite the moment), but it’s a book that should appeal to anyone with an interest in Lynch, the WWE or the reality of both working and competing in the pro wrestling business.

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