Are You Hardcore by Matt Hiller & Joe Lisi

March 29, 2019

There was a point at the turn of the millennium where it seemed any book related to wrestling could find a publisher. This is one of those books.

It’s pretty much an internet forum thread come to life, with the first half being nothing more than 316 (geddit?) ways to tell you are obsessed with pro wrestling. A random selection should give a flavour of what’s on offer:

46: When delivering a eulogy, you don’t see the problem in equating death to being pinned by God.

123: When someone gets in the backseat, you yell “WHERE TO —-anie?” filling in the blank with their name.

265: You carry a large sign with your name and a large arrow pointing down written on it wherever you go.

The second half of the book is simply a glossary explaining the jokes, though why anyone who wouldn’t get the references would be reading is unclear.

As much as I enjoy detailing the great books about wrestling, books like this are one of the reasons this blog exists. At the time of its release with a cover price of $11, it was a fair enough proposition: anyone seeing it in a bookstore could flick through and get a sense of whether it was worth the money in a matter of seconds, and for those who got it as a present from well-meaning relatives, it’s not the worst way to kill 20 minutes.

However, anyone seeing it listed today at $35+ and wondering if it’s a worthy rare collectible, consider this a public service announcement.

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