Wrestling Arcade Book On The Way
News / May 27, 2019

One of the gems of wrestling Twitter is working on a book. Wrestling Arcade’s Twitter feed features 32-bit pixellated animations of classic wrestling moments from Shockmaster to Barber Shop. It’s the same creative force that produced the opening titles for the Being The Elite YouTube series. The animations are now coming out as a stills book titled Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Moments – A Pixelated Guide. It won’t be out for some time but pre-orders will start on July 1st. You can sign up for a mailing list at https://www.wrestlingarcade.com/.

Coming Soon From Crowbar Press
News / May 14, 2019

Some exciting releases here and on the way from Crowbar Press. The highlight is a new reprint of Fall Guys by Marcus Griffin, a 1930s expose behind the scenes of the pre-war machinations and doublecrosses. While the book is excellent, some of its claims are questionable or exaggerated, with a strong theory that Toots Mondt was a key, but unreliable, source. That’s addressed in this new edition which includes detailed annotations from publisher Scott Teal and historian Steve Yohe, correcting and challenging the content. It’s an approach that worked well with a previous reprint of Lou Thesz’s autobiography Hooker. Meanwhile Pro Wrestling Books reader Jason Presley kindly passed on the “coming attractions” schedule for Crowbar Press. Highlights for 2019 include a series of books on “The Great Wrestling Venues” in both Japan and the US territories. There’s also “Bowdren The Booker”, which was the title of a popular series in the Wrestling Observer newsletter where Bowdren produced an alternative timeline for WCW.

Recent Release Roundup
News / May 10, 2019

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule. Unscripting Professional Wrestling by Anthony Campana Professional wrestling resonates with millions of people around the world but is also greatly misunderstood by many others. Pro-wrestling has a strong parallel with the worlds of sports and entertainment. However, for every similarity drawn to an avenue of sports or entertainment, there is a key difference between the two. The biggest wrestling company, the WWE, is filled with complex and topical ideas that have highs and lows. From the contentious subjects of steroids, racism, sexism, death, and crime to the revolutionary ideas, unforgettable moments, and long-lasting pop-culture icons; this book not only takes you on the professional wrestling roller-coaster but also sharpens one’s mind in sports entertainment relationships. The Legacy Of The Undertaker by Colin Tavarez Few wrestlers can ever claim to have a long-lasting impact on the wrestling business as a whole, but the Undertaker is certainly one of them. His career has certainly had its highs and lows, but for nearly thirty years, the Undertaker has played a key role in nearly every period in the modern era. From the waning days of the Hulk…

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Gets Six-Issue Deal
News / April 30, 2019

Last year I reviewed the initial instalment of a planned graphic novel series Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia. (I’ve copied the recovered text from that review below.) The publishers have now announced the series has been picked up by Starburns Industries Press. There’ll be six monthly issues in digital format, which will then be gathered together as a paperback. Here’s the blurb: INVASION FROM PLANET WRESTLETOPIA Script: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin (Lumberjack Man) Art: Dan Schkade (The Spirit), Kendall Goode (WWE) Color: Marissa Louise (Hex Wives) Letters: A Larger World (Ninja•K)   Creators Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin bring their cult classic to SBI Press, where the story will be completed for the first time! “Boy Scout” Bob Schultz! Cousin Orville! Mini Macho! Kodiak Jack! Spanish Rose! Don Fong Wong! These are the megastars of 1984’s AWF. “Rock ’n’ Roll” Rory Landell isn’t getting the respect he thinks he deserves, so one crazy night he ups the game, declaring himself the Galactic Champion of the Universe. But it turns out AWF fans aren’t the only ones listening, and the denizens of planet Wrestletopia aren’t going to take a challenge like that sitting down! Soon the Earth is enclosed in a…

Recent Release Roundup
News / April 9, 2019

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule. To Be The Man: Evil Ain’t Good: Chapter 4 by Jared Davis & Josh Taylor It’s true that nothing makes wrestling great quite like a loud and rowdy crowd, but most nights out at the matches don’t end with a mob of pissed-off hellions jumpin’ the guardrail! Unfortunately for Hazard and Grimes, the Devil’s fanged flunkies are on their tails again, and tonight, they’re lookin’ for a rematch! Can “The Gargoyle” and his skunk-drunk nemesis, “Fabulous” Frank, overcome their boiling hatred for one another AND the heels’ infernal Numbers Game? Or will the Devil’s minions get their hellborn hands on championship gold and take the coveted SCW title belt up North to the soulless Bruce McMaverick? The Boys better be ready for a Rumble in Valdosta, ’cause Eeeeeeeevil is runnin’ wild in Georgia tonight! The Business of Kayfabe: Turning Wrestlers’ Secrets Into a Million Dollars by Sean Oliver Is that thing you love to do in your spare time worth a million bucks? The personalities in pro wrestling have always been some of the most unique and entertaining in the world. For over…

An Important Site Note
News / March 14, 2019

I recently moved this blog to a new web host and it would be an understatement to say it went badly. In short, the site (and backups) was pretty much destroyed and I’ve had to rebuild it from scratch. The good news is that although the actual post archive was irretrievably corrupted, I was able to extract the text of the reviews. With that in mind: Starting next week I’ll resume posting the weekly release schedules for wrestling books on Amazon. News posts and new reviews will go up as and when they are available. I’ll repost an old review roughly once a day until everything’s back up. Apologies for long-term readers for the duplication. Hopefully, as the reviews date back four years, they’ll be of interest to most readers. Aside from a few design changes (which I may be tweaking for a few days), the site/blog should otherwise work as normal. There’ll now be a single Amazon affiliate link at the top of the review (as an image link, which may be blocked by Adblockers) and at the bottom of the review (as a text link, which shouldn’t be blocked.) In both cases it should default to the relevant…