A Diva Was A Female Wrestler by Scarlett Harris
Review / January 8, 2021

Described by the author as a “loosely chronologized cultural criticism of World Wrestling Entertainment’s herstory”, this may not be what some readers expect but is certainly worthy of your attention. Rather than a chronological account aiming to cover the entire development of womens wrestling, this is more a series of essays on the different ways womens wrestling, particularly in WWE, intersects with wider culture. It goes far deeper than simply acknowledging how the presentation and priority of womens wrestling in the promotion has improved over the years while still being behind the time in many regards. The book’s main appeal is that, rarely for a pro wrestling title, it addresses academic topics and thinking but in accessible and unpretentious language. It offers different perspectives on the topic, not as simplistic as “wrestling from the viewpoint of a woman” but rather focusing on specific aspects of female portrayal and involvement in WWE. Examples range from the expectations of how performers create and maintain their hair and make-up to the trope of the wrestling wedding and its near-inevitable disastrous outcome. This is a case of Harris presenting a different take: whereas many long-time wrestling watchers have come to expect that a wedding…

Release Schedule (8 January)
Release Schedule / January 8, 2021

Dates are for US release and may vary in other countries. 26 January: Bump by Matt Wallace 16 February: Ragtag Team (Slamdown Town Book 2) by Maxwell Nicoll & Matthew Smith 2 March: A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler: An Abbreviated Herstory of World Wrestling Entertainment by Scarlett Harris 16 March: Austin 3:16: 316 Facts & Stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin by Michael McAvennie 6 April: Mat Memories: My Wild Life in Pro Wrestling, Country Music and with the Mets by John Arezzi and Greg Oliver 13 April: Training Day (El Toro and Friends) by Raul the Third 13 April: Tag Team (El Toro and Friends) 27 April: The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers: The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling by Dan Murphy and Brian Young 1 June: Eat Like a Luchador: The Official Cookbook by Monica Ochoa