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December 31, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

Pro Wrestling For Marks by Anthony Campana

Professional wrestling is a staple genre of story telling in human history. It continues to evolve with society, and this book not only takes you on the journey from its inception to now, but it chronicles the evolution of professional wrestling in the last few years. There has been a resurgence in promotions, a new “Wednesday Night War”, the retirement of the legendary Undertaker, crazy cinematic matches, and tele-audiences. Ride the emotional roller coaster that is professional wrestling.

The Dirtsheets Volume 1 by Richie Richards

The American’s American Richie Gunn is the new POW World Heavyweight Champion of the World. However, being champ has its consequences, like becoming the target of an entire roster full of modern day gladiators. Any given night, Richie Gunn may have to defend his title against the likes of the savage Samoa Ngo, resident drug dealer Sek-Sean 8 or “The Most Terrorizing Man in Sports Entertainment” Muhammad Jihad. Unfortunately for the champ, these bloodthirsty wrestlers will do anything for their shot at glory and the sold-out crowd. Satirizing professional wrestling and politically correct, The Dirtsheets is a graphic novel for wrestling and comedy fans alike.

Master of the Ring: The Biography of Buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers by Tim Hornbaker

In this modern era of “sports entertainment,” World Wrestling Entertainment has been a must-see event. Legends like Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and The Rock have headlined on that stage and delivered some of the most memorable moments of the past 30 years.

But, in 1948, years before the aforementioned names were even born, a young man named Buddy (Nature Boy) Rogers got into the ring in Hollywood Legion Stadium and transformed pro wrestling forever. His flamboyant personality and under-handed tactics made him an immediate box-office sensation. He was center stage in every territory in the U.S., not only in fast-paced matches, but in backstage power plays.
By the late 1950s, he was an unparalleled superstar, but there was one honor he coveted … the National Wrestling Alliance world heavyweight championship. To that point, the hostile environment of wrestling politics had stalled his push to the throne, but Rogers overcame the obstacles in his path until, finally, with the right friends in high places, he was given a title match against champion Pat O’Connor in Chicago’s Comiskey Park before a record crowd of 38,000 spectators. By the end of the night, Rogers was the new heavyweight champion of the world! After the match, he strapped on the title belt, stood in the center of the ring, and in his typically arrogant fashion, announced:

“To a nicer guy, it couldn’t happen!”

Backstage assaults and injuries almost derailed his title reign, and in the midst of his historic run, Rogers suffered serious health problems, and a cloud fell over his future on the mat. In May 1963, he defended the title against Bruno Sammartino, the popular “Italian Superman,” at Madison Square Garden.

Since then, wrestling fans have asked countless questions about what really happened on that fabled evening. Author Hornbaker dissects the incident, as well as Buddy’s entire life, to answer those questions and clear up some of the misconceptions and lies told about Buddy. You will learn the entire “Buddy Rogers Saga” from beginning to end as Hornbaker focuses on the backstage politics, secret strategies, and different perspectives, including never-before-heard inside sources from that time-frame, including Rogers’ former manager, Bobby Davis.

Active in wrestling for more than 60 years, Buddy’s legacy is as strong today as it ever was. In 2015, WWE executive and former champion Triple H was asked who he would choose if he had the ability to wrestle any one competitor from the past. Without hesitation, he said, “Buddy Rogers,” acknowledging the masterful legend and bigger-than-life personality of the original “Nature Boy.”

In this book, a detailed look at one of the most important figures in wrestling history, the truth of Buddy Rogers is told — in all of his stunning (and colorful) glory. It’s a story with boundless action, mayhem, and excitement.

The Wrestling Observer Yearbook ’93: The Year of Major Beginnings and Major Endings by Dave Meltzer

Dave Meltzer’s famous Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now available as both a print and digital book.The second of the series revisits all of the major wrestling stories from 1993 (all condensed into handy chapters for ease of reference), including:- The Steroid Scandal- The Hulk Hogan Saga- Sid Stabs Arn Anderson- The Early Days of ECW- The Tragedy of Kerry Von Erich- Ric Flair leaves the WWF- All change in WCW- Lawsuits Galore- WWF Invades USWAPlus business analysis, supercard summaries, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards

Old School by LA Taylor

Go inside the world of pro-wrestling from its earliest days in 1947 to 1968. Mafia connections. Fixed matches. Urban legends. Raw and riveting, here’s a novel that asks the question, “Did wrestling make TV or did TV make wrestling?”

Jack Fitzpatrick learned from the best, his pops, Charlie Fitzpatrick, a mob-connected prize fighter. But Jack doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wants to go his own way into a new form of ringside sport—wrestling. With a boost from the mob, Jack moves forward in his quest to bring wrestling to the masses. Running the east coast territory and sitting as the commissioner of the United Wrestling League, Jack, AKA Caesar, dominates all aspects of professional wrestling. By the late 1960s, Jack decides it’s time to shake things up with the Belgian Behemoth, a 7’ 6” giant, chosen as the next UWL champ. If his scheme, backed by the other promoters across the country, fails then Jack’s reign will be over.

Deceptions and subterfuge lurk around every arena as Jack makes empty promises while Gizzi pulls the strings. The other promoters distrust each other as fathers groom sons to wrestle, win, and wrangle their way to the top. Jack’s son, Jackie, and, Val, the son he never knew he had until it was too late, vie for the top role in Jack’s legacy. As a media mogul in Atlanta begins taking over, wrestling may have found a way to the mainstream. It’s a crap shoot as to who will succeed and who will be pushed out of the sport or off the cliff.

From New York to Toronto to Detroit to Atlanta to Florida and to the west, the promoters—many of whom are former wrestling champs—make up the territories for the sport. None of them know exactly who to trust. Is it Jack? Gizzi? Both or neither? Failure will seal fates and the death toll hovers. Nothing is sacred and nothing is guaranteed in the smoky backrooms of a sport on either the brink of success via television or the edge of the abyss by its own shady and illegal activities.

With a cast of unforgettable characters—Frank the Weasel, the Great Amir, Large Marge, Lou Appollo, Black Jack to name a few—L.A. Taylor draws the reader into the story and action with outrageous acts both inside the ring and out. Old School allows the reader a rare glimpse behind the curtain and into Madison Square Garden and the backrooms of the Copacabana where the likes of Ed Sullivan and Jackie Gleason make appearances. Even Jack Dempsey plays a role as a guest referee as a favor to Jack.

Buy Old SchoolRing Squared, Book 1, for an intimate look inside the world of pro-wrestling from its beginning through the explosion of the sport into the world of television. Neither would ever be the same.

The Saturday Afternoon War : British wrestling in the 1980’s by Tony Earnshaw

The inside story of how British wrestling went from a position of strength to losing its TV deal in less than ten years.
Full details of every show seen on ITV’s ‘World of Sport’ including all the results. Plus reports from all the major shows not seen on TV or written about before.

What really happened to the likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks & Kendo Nagasaki during the decade and afterwards.

Details of everything that happened in British wrestling in the 80’s including things that have never been revealed until now.
Read about Britain’s most bizarre wrestling show that ended with a top TV wrestler arrested. What really happened with ‘American Dream’ Chris Colt and the night he wrestled Big Daddy under the influence?

Illustrated throughout with copies of original show posters.


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