Release Schedule (23 December)

December 23, 2020

Dates are for US release and may vary in other countries.

6 January 2021: Ringman by Dave Dwinell

7 January: WWE: The New Day: Power of Positivity by Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker

26 January: Bump by Matt Wallace

16 February: Ragtag Team (Slamdown Town Book 2) by Maxwell Nicoll & Matthew Smith

2 March: A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler: An Abbreviated Herstory of World Wrestling Entertainment by Scarlett Harris

16 March: Austin 3:16: 316 Facts & Stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin by Michael McAvennie

6 April: Mat Memories: My Wild Life in Pro Wrestling, Country Music and with the Mets by John Arezzi and Greg Oliver

13 April: Training Day (El Toro and Friends) by Raul the Third

13 April: Tag Team (El Toro and Friends)

27 April: The Wrestlers’ Wrestlers: The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling by Dan Murphy and Brian Young

1 June: Eat Like a Luchador: The Official Cookbook by Monica Ochoa


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