Recent Release Roundup

November 27, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

The Last Chapter by Butts Giraud

Butts Giraud has been living “stories” for years through his many escapades involving family, friends, professional athletes and business partners. He has written this book to share his stories with you.

The stories are drawn from his travels starting in 1964 at a small British Columbia First Nations village called Klemtu to the high school football fields of Southern California, then back to Canada for his first CFL Professional football training camp with the BC Lions.

After College graduation, Butts lands pro football contracts with both the BC Lions and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Next he shifts to an 11 year Professional Wrestling career which takes him around the world. He has dinner with the infamous Saddam Hussein and appears on Gary Moore’s “To Tell the Truth” show in New York.

From atop World Championship high diving platforms to the corporate business board rooms of the USA and Canada, Butts has seen it all. The stories’ trail leads to his present love of music and performing live.

As his long-time friend and former CFL teammate, Winnipeg Blue Bomber Paul Robson said, “Butts, I can’t believe how many times you’ve re-invented yourself.”

Butts’ response, “This will be my last chapter”.

Running The Ropes by Jordan Weinfurtner

All his life, Max Lerner has watched from the stands as the heroes and villains of professional wrestling do battle in the ring. Max happens upon the hand-painted sign outside Barry’s Flea Market—LIVE PRO WRESTLING TUESDAYS. His passion drives him to step out from the crowd, and step through the ropes, to experience the world of pro wrestling for himself.Now, he just needs to figure out who to be.Max finds mentors in Dr. Carver—the tattooed, mohawked behemoth—and Roderick of Hollywood—the effortlessly charismatic schemer. The journey takes them from Oregon to California, and beyond, each man searching for his own success. Max meets the strange, eccentric people who choose this way of life, and grapples with finding where he fits into this world.Based on the real-life experiences of the author, Running the Ropes is a funny and charming adventure of self-discovery, and a loving ode to the absurd world of professional wrestling.

Everybody Loves Mickey: The Life and Times of "Irish" Mickey Doyle by Tim Keenan & Mike Doyle

“Irish” Mickey Doyle is a journeyman professional wrestler who started working in the Detroit wrestling territory in the early 1970s, then went on to some success in other territories like Alabama and Los Angeles. Along the way, he wrestled some of the businesses’ greatest names and became friends with legends like Don Muraco, Andre the Giant, Al Snow and Sabu, just to name a few. As might be expected, Doyle’s life outside the ring was just as wild as it was inside the squared circle. Foreward by Don Muraco. Afterward by Sabu.

From Nanjo to The Sheik: Tales from Toronto wrestling by Andrew Calvert

(Currently Canada and UK only with other Amazon listings to follow. Email for direct ordering.)

A look at the boom of wrestling in Toronto. Lou Thesz and the NWA Title, Bruno Sammartino, Lord Layton, Yukon Eric, Gene Kiniski, Fritz Von Erich, Sweet Daddy Siki, Bulldog Brower, Jack Corcoran, Frank, & the Office, The Titles, Attendance, TV, Did you know? and much more. With memories from -and featuring the photos of- Roger Baker.


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