Recent Release Roundup

October 22, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

The Wrestling Observer Yearbook ’97 by Dave Meltzer with Dante Richardson

For the first time ever, Dave Meltzer’s famous Wrestling Observer Newsletter is available as both a print and digital book.The first of the series revisits all of the major wrestling and MMA stories from 1997 (all condensed into handy chapters for ease of reference), including:- The Montreal Screwjob- Shawn Michaels loses his smile- ECW arrives on pay-per-view- Vader arrested in Kuwait- Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels backstage brawl- Ken Shamrock signs from the WWF- Riki Choshu retires- WWF vs. WCW: The Battle of Los Angeles- The death of Plum Mariko- Arn Anderson retires- AJW goes bankrupt- Tod Gordon leaves ECW- Randy Couture beats Vitor Belfort- WCW breaks records- Fan riots- The Demise of the USWAPlus business analysis, supercard summaries, PPV drawing cards, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards.

Toolbox: Building Better Pro-Wrestling by Mike Quackenbush

Professional wrestling has always been wrapped in mystery. After a century of masquerading as legitimate sport, at last pro-wrestling has begun to show the potential of its form. At its core, it is live combat theatre, and no one has done more to codify and analyze this mesmerizing art form than Mike Quackenbush. To aid a generation of evolving performers to meet the demands of modern audiences, here is “Toolbox – Building Better Pro-Wrestling.”

Living The Dream: Memphis Wrestling: The Randy Hales Story by Randy Hales with Craig Allen

Randy Hales knows Memphis wrestling…he’s lived it his entire life. From humble beginnings as a fan, fascinated by the larger-than-life heroes and villains doing battle in the squared circle, to getting involved as a picture seller and ring announcer, to rising up the ladder as booker and promoter, to finally running his own company, Randy Hales has done it all in the Memphis wrestling scene…and lived to tell about it. Through all the highs and lows, and thousands of miles traveled, Living The Dream is the story of how passion and hard work allowed a shy, awkward kid to live his dream and go on to become the Founder, Owner, and President of his own professional wrestling company that helped develop future wrestling superstars. Living The Dream takes you inside the Memphis wrestling scene with tons of stories about your favorite legends, wild stories from the road, infamous mega-matches of Memphis, and all about being a WWE developmental system. From “The King” to “The Superstar”, from Mid-South Coliseum showdowns to Louisville Gardens throw downs, Randy Hales shares what it was like to be a part of the wild, wild world of Memphis wrestling and the incomparable legacy it left behind.

Blood Stained Canvas by Daniel J Barnes

Delve into the world of professional wrestling, and follow all the drama of life on the road as one man’s career draws to a close and how it effects everyone’s life within that bubble.

Welcome to a bizarre strange place, Where things may not make sense to you, the outsiders. Witness a sport. A circus. A way of life! Come with me as we delve into a world of lies, deceit and politics. A world of smoke and mirrors. A place for many lost souls, all searching for a purpose in and yearning for acceptance in a make believe world. For the majority it is a short stay, For others it’s a slow agonising death! But it all happens on a BLOOD STAINED CANVAS!

The Periodic Table Of Pro Wrestling by Rohan Bodas

Delve deep into the world of professional wrestling, its stars, its villains, its men and women. Go behind the scenes into the businesses of WWE and read about the various characters and the humans behind those characters, the biggest rivalries and the drama behind those rivalries in this fun encyclopedia. The Periodic Table of Pro Wrestling looks at some of the biggest names in wrestling over the last three decades in a way you’ve never imagined.

Complete Guide to LJN WWF Wrestling Figures by Brutus Valentine

Take a fantastic journey through the history of the Golden Age of WWF professional wrestling, as told through the ‘eyes’ of the LJN Wrestling Superstars figures. Includes 89 Wrestling Superstar profiles with all the LJN (& Grand Toys) collecting images, information and facts, as well as a Golden Age WWF career story and stats for each star. Each series is introduced by a true collecting overview; and concludes with an investigative lowdown of the history of LJN Toys, and its Wrestling Superstars line, at that time. Other features include: – 8”, 16”, Bendies, thumbs, stretch, rings, protos & more – more than 1,200 high-quality images – the most detailed and accurate checklists – the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of variants; and LJN card history – as well as new, never-known information about the entire history of the LJN (& Grand Toys) Wrestling Superstars. So sit back, relax and take a ride back to the ‘80s, the most dynamic time in professional wrestling; and relive the Wrestling Superstars figures that we loved – and still do today!

Crown Jewel: The NWA World Championship 1959-1973 by Dick Bourne

In 1957, the National Wrestling Alliance found itself in an unusual situation. Dick Hutton, the man who had just beat Lou Thesz for the World Heavyweight Championship, was suddenly a champion without a belt. It took the NWA two years to have a new belt made, but in late 1959, Sam Muchnick finally presented a beautiful new title belt — the crown belt – – to then champion Pat O’Connor.

This is the story of the events that led up to that long period without a championship trophy, and the developments during that time that resulted in a new NWA belt. For the first time ever, the belt itself gets a close look, including its origins, its construction, as well as the story of the promoter and the craftsman that put it all together.

And of course the main event is the detailed title history of the championship during the golden era of the crown belt, and a look at the six champions who wore and defended it.

Featuring dozens of photographs, some never published before, as well as over fifty pages of exhibits and memorabilia including program covers, newspaper accounts, and rare documents from the NWA archives. It’s the crown jewel of the wrestling world as you’ve never seen it before.

The History of Pro Wrestling in Evansville: 1959 by Sean Dulaney

Adapted from episodes of the 400 Court Street podcast, Sean Dulaney takes a month by month look at professional wrestling in Evansville, IN and the surrounding towns served by the local NWA office run by Leon Balkin. 1959 would be the start of the last great run for Balkin’s promotion beginning with the arrival of Rip Hawk. Using the actual newspaper reports, Sean pieces together the action in the ring and behind the scenes.

Masked Marvel to the Rescue: The Gimmick That Saved the 1915 New York Wrestling Tournament by Ken Zimmerman Jr

A World Champion. One of the two greatest American professional wrestlers of all-time. A mysterious masked man. These elements combined to save the fall version of the 1915 New York International Wrestling Tournament and change the nature of American professional wrestling forever.



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