Recent Release Roundup

August 20, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

The Wrestling Insomniac by Michael J Labbe

The Wrestling Insomniac blog started on March 1, 2015, this book is a collection of some of the most popular posts with updates noted as events have changed over the years. Stories include the NWA’s 1998 Invasion of the WWE, Failure of “The New” Tag Teams, the Smackdown Juniors Division, The WCW Hall of Fame, Hulk Hogan’s Rare TV Matches, New Japan Wrestling in the Soviet Union and many more.

The History of the WWF Volume III: 1988: From 1985 to the Present by Jonathan Johnson

Imagine going back in time and reliving WWF history as it actually happened. Not as the WWE wants to present it, but as it actually aired. No longer would superstars disappear from the history books or angles be edited out because they’re deemed too offensive to WWE’s current corporate philosophy. Instead, you’d see the WWF as it aired, as you remembered it if you’re old enough, or as it really happened for the first time if you’re a younger fan. You’d see the WWF that turned a regional promotion into a global billion dollar powerhouse. You’d see the WWF that the fans who grew up on the product came to know and love.Welcome to a year-by-year account of the WWF. This is the history of the WWF as presented on television. Not Vince McMahon’s revisionist history, but the WWF that aired on television. This series follows the weekly shows, PPVs, and major events that made the WWF (and later WWE) the household name that it is. Love it or hate it, the WWF has become part of the world’s culture and the events in this book helped define that culture.

Babyfaces & Heels: A Pro Wrestling Story by Aaron Mark Goff

Colligate Football Player Rex Ruppert always wanted to be a professional wrestler. When he was unsuccessful, he invested his way into becoming a promoter. After forcing a buyout of his partners and taking control of the New York Market, he transformed his promotion into a national business. With larger-than-life outlandish and cartoonish characters, his Wild Wrestling Federation became an international phenomenon and TV ratings hit. Rex’s college classmate, Harley Harrison, started off as a ringside photographer and manager. He worked his way up to Vice President of the WWF’s rival promotion, World Champions of Wrestling in Atlanta. Both men become bitter business rivals who fight over big-name talent, TV ratings, arena exclusivity, and the majority share of the Pay-Per-View market. This book is a satirical look at the surreal, bizarre, intense, humorous, and complex world of the Professional Wrestling Industry. The characters and incidents are inspired and loosely based on actual individuals and events.

The All-Action, Family-Friendly Wrestling Spectacular by Dean Harris

A plot to kill the South Yorkshire mayor. A brutal murder. A sexual predator. All three occurring around one small-time wrestling show in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley.Follow two police officers as they enter the eccentric, enigmatic and often obscene world of British wrestling as they try to uncover the details surrounding the murder of a young Bangladeshi man during a live performance.

Mat Burns by Ryan Dilbert

Mat Burns is a collection of surreal flash fiction about pro wrestling. An injured wrestler performs surgery on himself on a dark street. A retired junior heavyweight claims to have discovered the secret to human flight. The former NWA southern women’s champion pays cash to have a resurrection performed. The already weird world of pro wrestling gets weirder in these 12 short stories.

Grappling By Gaslight by John Cosper

Before Mania, before TV, before there was even a ring, there was wrestling.It was the 1880s, and from the circus to the bar to the opera house, wrestling was already a spectacle. In this new collection of short stories, you’ll journey back to a simpler time when wrestling breathed new excitement into a nation healing from war. Discover a world where the wrestling mat first offered men a chance to obtain fortune and glory. Witness the courage of a former slave fighting to make his own name and the passion of a daring young woman in her fight for equality. Experience the heroism of these pioneer athletes, bound by more than blood, and the villainy of those greedy enough to profit from an unsuspecting public.Pro wrestling historian and award-winning writer John Cosper takes you back to the earliest days of the sport, capturing the spirit of a bygone era. Inspired by the real life tales of the men and women who laid the roots of professional wrestling, Grappling by Gaslight is a page turning thrill-ride straight from the old school carnival midway.

The History of the North American heavyweight championship by James McDermott

This book will delve into the storied history of a championship created by Stu Hart for Stampede Wrestling back in 1968. We go back in time looking at not only the history of the North American heavyweight championship but it’s predecessor… the Canadian heavyweight championship. This book contains rare and never before seen photos as well as insight from former champions, authors, and others… This book is a must for any fans of Stampede Wrestling.

The Ballad of Cousin Elvira by John Cosper

Decades before the recent Women’s Wrestling Revolution put women on top of the biggest wrestling cards in the world, there was a time when women were featured in the main event everywhere they fought. The undisputed champion Mildred Burke packed the houses and wrestled two-out-of-three falls almost every night as she guarded her world title. Nipping at her heels for more than a decade was the meanest, toughest, finger biting, ref abusing woman ever to set foot in the ring, Elvira Snodgrass. A redheaded firebrand from Varnado, Louisiana, Gutherine Fuller adopted a number of ring names before second husband Elmer Snodgrass gave her the surname that made her famous. As women’s wrestling became a true draw in the early 1940s, Elvira Snodgrass catapulted to headline status alongside Burke and the other queens of the ring. She won the fans over with her “aw shucks” demeanor and scufflin’ style before going Hollywood and breaking their hearts as the rule-breaking, liberty taking heel who would do anything to win. Once lost to history and forgotten because of her early death, the tale of Elvira Snodgrass is a short but rollicking ride through one of the most exciting eras in professional wrestling and the inspirational journey of a fiercely independent woman. From her surprise early title win as Betty Nichols to the tragic car accident that ended her career, you’ve got a ringside seat to rediscover one of the biggest and brashest stars of the 1940s. Just remember to stay in your seat and keep your hands to yourself. This is one lady you do not want to cross!



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