Release Schedule (20 May)

May 20, 2020

One new entry this week ,Donald Trump and the Kayfabe Presidency: Professional Wrestling Rhetoric in the White House (Rhetoric, Politics and Society) by Shannon Bow O’Brien:

This book examines Donald Trump’s longstanding connections to professional wrestling in relation to how he uses and exploits language, and the ways in which he has weaponized going public never before seen in previous administrations. Trump utilizes the language of wrestling to make rhetorical appeals and draws upon its theatrical tactics to redefine expectations of spaces to fundamentally change the nature of political expectations and expression. Wrestling is almost always about stories within a confined space, and Donald Trump inculcated many of its techniques to command an audience with rhetoric. The emotional performance supersedes truth or accuracy; factual exactness matters less than your presentation of the material. As Donald Trump blends performance and public service, social confusion over boundaries has occurred. Theatrical norms, when applied to daily life, generate vastly different reactions than within the artificial confines of an arena. It is not simply a muddling of public and private, but rather a jumbling of theatrical and generalized social standards. This book examines these aspects and explores how Donald Trump has also utilized well-established presidential tools in completely new ways in an attempt to build the strongest executive branch in American history.

Dates are for US release and may vary in other countries.

29 June: S is for Suplex by Ryan L Schrodt and Nicholas Camia

13 July: Philosophy Smackdown by Douglas Edwards (Pro Wrestling Books review.)

1 September: Too Sweet: Inside the Indie Wrestling Revolution by Keith Elliot Greenberg

29 September: WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment New Edition

6 October: Donald Trump and the Kayfabe Presidency: Professional Wrestling Rhetoric in the White House (Rhetoric, Politics and Society) by Shannon Bow O’Brien

13 October: We Promised You a Great Main Event: An Unauthorized WWE History by Bill Hanstock

15 November: Professional Wrestling: Politics and Populism (Enactments) edited by Sharon Mazer, Heather Levi, Eero Laine and Nell Haynes

17 November: The Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues

8 December: WWE: The New Day: Power of Positivity by Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker

16 February 2021: Ragtag Team (Slamdown Town Book 2) by Maxwell Nicoll & Matthew Smith


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