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May 18, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

When It Was: My Life on Both Sides of the Camera by Scott Romer and John Cosper

For as long as he could remember, Scott Romer loved wrestling and photography. He was only a freshman in high school when he became business partners with the legendary Dick the Bruiser, selling photographs to the fans at Indiana wrestling shows. Soon Romer’s passion for photography and the fights led him to become a boxing photographer, a wrestler, a manager, a boxer, a mule, and so much more. This is the story of a boy who turned a side hustle into a life-long adventure. It’s the story of a young man who became Dick the Bruiser’s son-in-law and the infamous manager Saul Creatchman. It’s the story of the most unlikely “heavyweight” fighter in Midwest boxing history. It’s the story of the man who exposed the infamous Onita stabbing angle and had a scary run-in with Israeli intelligence. When It Was combines Scott Romer’s own narrative with more than 250 photos from his remarkable life. You’ll also read first hand stories told by long time friends including MMA Hall of Famer Monte Cox, boxing promoter Fred Berns, international boxing star Johar Abu Lashin, legendary wrestler and trainer Rip Rogers, and GLOW/WOW creator David McLane, all of whom can validate Scott’s remarkable adventures. This is a story for anyone who had a dream about making a living doing what you love. This is the story of Scott Romer, world renowned wrestling photographer.

Incomparable by Brie Bella and Nikki Bella

A raw, honest, and revealing co-memoir by Brie and Nikki Bella: twin sisters, WWE Hall of Fame inductees, and stars of the hit E! shows Total Bellas and Total Divas.

As twins, the Bellas have always competed. Legend has it that Nikki drop-kicked Brie in the womb so that she could make her grand entrance first. But the rest of the world often treated them as identical and even interchangeable, so they decided to do something about it.

After they made it into WWE, the Bellas accomplished so much together: bringing in young girls and women while building the Bella Army, helping the transition of female performers from Divas to Superstars, starring in Total Divas and Total Bellas, and founding companies like Birdiebee, Nicole + Brizee Beauty, and Bonita Bonita Wine.

Though their early journey began with loss, abuse, and plenty of rough times, these challenges “shined the diamond.” They resolved to be survivors and the heroes of their own stories, and to take control and responsibility for their lives. Eventually, they would come to show girls everywhere that they can do anything.

The Bellas may be identical twins—but as individuals, they have proven themselves Incomparable.

James Storm: Make Your Own Luck!: A Make Your Own Story Book by James Storm and Mark Poulton

Superstar pro-wrestler Cowboy James Storm proves his mantra, Make Your Own Luck! to be true in this choose your own adventure style children’s picture book!

The town of Last call is famous for two things. One is its ice cold root beer, and the other is world champion wrestler Cowboy James Storm. Will the Cowboy and Sheriff Brown save the day when The Masked Outlaw and his Parts Unknown Gang decide to wrangle the town’s root beer for themselves? You decide in James Storm: Make Your Own Luck! a make your own story book!

Ten Pounds of Gold: Leaning Toward Hope by Paul Barile

Mickey Duncan is at the end of his rope. He lost his wife and is on the verge of losing his son. His salvation hinges on a professional wrestling competition. Also included “I am a Misfit” an essay for every fan of independent wrestling.

(Warning: This is only 38 pages.)

J-Crowned: An Illustrated Guide to the Champions of Japanese Wrestling by Matt Charlton

Since the debut of Rikidōzan in 1951, Japanese professional wrestling has created a legion of grappling superstars, taking a distinctly Western art form and making it something uniquely their own. It began with a simple story—a valiant Japanese star taking on enormous American invaders, the narrative a reflection of Anti-American sentiment that remained strong after Japan’s defeat in World War II. Even before television sets were widespread, Japanese fans would gather around TVs at department stores and publicly cheer their heroes to victory.

Rikidōzan spawned dozens of copycats and proteges, each one a hero in his own right. Soon, Japanese wrestling became an industry of its own, big enough to support multiple companies and thousands of matches a year.

The top wrestler in every company was usually the heavyweight champion, each king part of a legacy that extended all the way back to Rikidōzan himself. All are part of something bigger than themselves, representative, for a time, of the best Japan could offer the wrestling world.

Wrestling historian Matt Charlton puts each major champion in context, capturing their likeness and telling their story. The result isn’t just a beautiful illustrated guide to the champions of Japanese wrestling—it’s a history of the sport itself as told by an admiring enthusiast of the form

The Crusher Record Book by George Lentz

If you’ve ever wondered if The Crusher ever wrestled Dick the Bruiser, “The Crusher Record Book” will answer your question. Over four decades in the making, this is the fourth edition of Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski’s lifetime pro mat history and it contains some 4,500 of his matches. While online newspaper archives have eased researching any wrestler’s record, “The Crusher Record Book” contains bouts that cannot be found elsewhere. From 1975 to the present author George Lentz has researched newspapers at various libraries in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. There were countless hours spent at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, WI, pouring over newspaper microfilms in search of The Crusher’s bouts. From high school gyms in small towns, to main events in Madison Square Garden, the most comprehensive record of Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski’s matches are found in this book. Ads, program and magazine covers, length of matches, attendances, falls scored have been included so that everybody can experience The Crusher’s amazing career.



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