Recent Release Roundup

March 16, 2020

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

Beckett Wrestling Price Guide 2020 by Beckett Media

The newest title on the Beckett Price Guide book calendar, this first edition of the Beckett Wrestling Price Guide contains pricing for trading cards and action figures/Funko POP! Figures and will include a bonus UFC/MMA section. The wrestling collectibles field has been underserved in recent years. With the release of this new book, that’s about to change.

The Headlock of Destiny: An Epic Fantasy / Pro Wrestling Mash-up (Titan Wars) by Samuel Gately

Some say titans are descended from giants. Others say they are risen from men. But there’s never any debate about where to find them. They will be in the center of a roaring crowd, beating the hell out of each other. From contenders like the Savage and Scott Flawless to pretenders like Richard the Living Portrait and Troll-Blooded Thom, a titan’s lot in life is the same: To wrestle for dominion and glory in the squared circle.

Van, a quiet titan from the brewery town of Headwaters, wants no part in this. He’d prefer to be left alone with a beer. But destiny has him in a headlock, and it is prepared to drag him into battles that will shake the land and change his world forever.

Step into the ring with this one-of-a-kind novel, brewed special for fans of epic fantasy, fans of professional wrestling from the Golden Era and beyond, or simply fans of a good tale.

Tito the Bonecrusher by Melissa Thomson

In Melissa Thomson’s first standalone middle-grade novel, the beloved author of the Keena Ford chapter book series delivers a funny yet moving story about fathers, sons, and criminal justice.

Oliver “Spaghetti-O” Jones’s dad is about to be jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, and Oliver believes the only way to save him is with the help of his favorite lucha-libre wrestler turned action star, Tito the Bonecrusher. Together with his best friend, Brianna (a.k.a. “Brain”), and their new ally Paul “Popcorn” Robards, Oliver devises a madcap plan to spring his dad from a Florida correctional facility.

Heartwarming and hilarious, this book looks at what it takes to be a hero . . . and what happens when you realize that saving the day might not always be possible.

Small Town – Saturday Night: JCP in Lexington, NC 1954 – 1970 by Jason Freeman

History of Wrestling in Lexington, NC

Wrestler by Charles Fisher

This is a novel about the life of the greatest professional wrestler of all time, beginning in 1955 and following his career until the very end. Realistic and gritty, and somewhat sad. Pro wrestling fans will love this, as it is loosely modeled on the life of the legendary Ric Flair.

(Proceed with caution as Fisher has released 64 books so far this year…)

Friday Night Wrestlefest by J F Fox

Bedtime has never been more fun! Friday Night Wrestlefest is inspired by WWE professional wrestling and is sure to wear kids out before they are gently tucked into bed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Friday night, and these kids are ready to wrestle! Join Dangerous Daddoo as he dishes out some serious moves to get the kids ready for bed. But what happens when Flying Mom Bomb gets home from work? Are the kids toast?

From writer J. F. Fox and illustrator Micah Player comes a charming and quirky family story that will teach you a new Bedtime Blitz that everyone will enjoy.

The Long Way Home by Michael Chin

Grapplers and ghosts. A cowboy and a tigress. Devoted fans, family, lovers, and Andre the Giant’s bastard daughter. The Long Way Home explores stories from the world of professional wrestling that walk a razor’s edge between fact and fiction, the world we know and its underbelly. Featuring work originally published in Passages North, Shenandoah, Gravel, Cherry Tree, Miracle Monocle, and others, the collection approaches a world of violence with a sensitive, but incisive eye toward what makes us all human.


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