Release Schedule (6 November)

November 6, 2019

22 November: Wrestling in Britain: Sporting Entertainments, Celebrity and Audiences by Benjamin Litherland

26 November: Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Liberty by Glenn Jacobs

29 November: GLOW: Vs The Star Primas by Tini Howard

1 December: #WWE: Professional Wrestling in the Digital Age (The Year’s Work)

4 December: Professional Wrestling and the Commercial Stage (Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies) by Eero Laine

28 January 2020: Smackdown Town by Max Nicoll & Matt Smith

30 January: New Jack: Memoir of a Pro Wrestling Extremist by New Jack

6 February: Maximilian and the Curse of the Fallen Angel (Max’s Lucha Libre Adventures) by Xavier Garza

17 February: Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle, Second Edition by Sharon Mazer

17 March: WWE Beyond Extreme by Dean Miller

31 March: Under the Black Hat: My Life in the Wwe and Beyond by Jim Ross

28 April: The Eighth Wonder of the World: The True Story of André the Giant by Bertrand Hebert & Pat Laprade

19 May: WWE Kicking Down Doors: Female Superstars Are Ruling the Ring and Changing the Game!

25 August: UNREAL: Inside the Crazy, Fun Show Business World of WWE by Stephanie McMahon


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