Recent Release Roundup

June 26, 2019

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

KB’s History of In Your House by Thomas Hall

In the 1990s, the WWF was in a war with WCW to rule the professional wrestling world. WCW began increasing the number of pay per views they produced and the WWF was forced to follow suit. However, they decided to create shorter and lower cost pay per views, giving their fans a break for a change. This book goes through each of the 28 installments of In Your House, breaking down each show match by match and segment by segment, looking at the trends and evolution of both the series and the promotion itself throughout mid 1995 to mid 1999. With detailed analysis of each match and show, it’s as complete a look at the In Your House series as you’ll ever find.

Prince’s Poetry Powerslam: A Collection of Eclectic Poems and Stories by an Independent Pro-Wrestler

Pro-Wrestling and Poetry? What a Tag Team!Choke holds! Hooked Boots! Waffle Houses! Towns all over the Northeast! What would a 10-year veteran of independent professional wrestling have to say? Find out, and find out why it rhymes. Prince Akkanatan provides poems, stories, photos and illustrations from his time up and down the road in pro-wrestling. Come and experience this truly unique poetry journey. Be advised this book is not recommended for children due to foul language and sexual references.

HIGH SCHOOL HEEL: A Wrestler’s Collection of Eclectic Poems From, About, and In Honor of – High School and Growth by Prince Akkanatan

Ever see a crazy independent professional wrestler and think to yourself “How’d they get that way?” Witness Prince Akkanatan as he shares his poetry, stories, photos, and illustrations that shaped him from a weird outcast High Schooler to an equally bizarre, yet entertaining, pro-wrestler. This love letter to The Class of 2003 (and surrounding years) will give you a new outlook from the outcasts.

Unladylike: A Grrrl’s Guide to Wrestling by Heather Von Bandenburg

Forget what you think you know about wrestling. In the world of Heather Honeybadger, aka Rana Venenosa, there are no steroids, no tans, no million-dollar contracts – there is only lycra, a sweaty underground club and an unbreakable resilience. From the day that Heather steps into the ring of the punk wrestling school Lucha Britannia, she finds herself transformed into a person she never knew she could be. How do you become a wrestler when you hate sports so much you can’t do a press-up? What makes feminists and wrestlers both mortal enemies and unlikely best friends? For the first time, an independent female wrestler talks in depth about how she went from a sad, lost riot grrrl to an empowered, persevering fighter who has performed across the world. Unladylike is a feminist romp like no other – hard-hitting, life-affirming and funny, just like the women who find themselves in the ring.


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