Recent Release Roundup

May 10, 2019

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

Unscripting Professional Wrestling by Anthony Campana

Professional wrestling resonates with millions of people around the world but is also greatly misunderstood by many others. Pro-wrestling has a strong parallel with the worlds of sports and entertainment. However, for every similarity drawn to an avenue of sports or entertainment, there is a key difference between the two. The biggest wrestling company, the WWE, is filled with complex and topical ideas that have highs and lows. From the contentious subjects of steroids, racism, sexism, death, and crime to the revolutionary ideas, unforgettable moments, and long-lasting pop-culture icons; this book not only takes you on the professional wrestling roller-coaster but also sharpens one’s mind in sports entertainment relationships.

The Legacy Of The Undertaker by Colin Tavarez

Few wrestlers can ever claim to have a long-lasting impact on the wrestling business as a whole, but the Undertaker is certainly one of them. His career has certainly had its highs and lows, but for nearly thirty years, the Undertaker has played a key role in nearly every period in the modern era. From the waning days of the Hulk Hogan Rock N’ Wrestling era, through the New WWF Generation and Attitude Eras in the 90s and early 200s, and even through to today, the Undertaker has been a fixture in WWE for longer than many fans have been alive.However, with the Undertaker likely winding down his career in the near future, this book celebrates all the highs and lows of the Undertaker’s legendary run in WWE, including:-A look back at each match of his legendary, over 20 year undefeated streak at Wrestlemania,-A retrospective of the many ridiculous storylines his character was subjected to, including the time he died at Royal Rumble 1994, the time Diamond Dallas Page was stalking his wife, and the infamous Ministry of Darkness angle,-A countdown list looking at all of his greatest opponents, including Shawn Michaels, Mankind, and Brock Lesnar.By the end of this book, you’ll realize why the Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers and attractions in the history of professional wrestling.

The History of the WWF Volume 1: 1985-1986: From 1985 to the Present by Jonathan Johnson

Imagine going back in time and reliving WWF history as it actually happened. Not as the WWE wants to present it, but as it actually aired. No longer would superstars disappear from the history books or angles be edited out because they’re deemed too offensive to WWE’s current corporate philosophy. Instead, you’d see the WWF as it aired, as you remembered it if you’re old enough, or as it really happened for the first time if you’re a younger fan. You’d see the WWF that turned a regional promotion into a global billion dollar powerhouse. You’d see the WWF that the fans who grew up on the product came to know and love.Welcome to a year-by-year account of the WWF. This is the history of the WWF as presented on television. Not Vince McMahon’s revisionist history, but the WWF that aired on television. This series follows the weekly shows, PPVs, and major events that made the WWF (and later WWE) the household name that it is. Love it or hate it, the WWF has become part of the world’s culture and the events in this book helped define that culture.

How to Become a Champion by Herb Welch

In the days before wrestling became “sports entertainment,” aspiring wrestlers went through a rigorous training to reach the squared circle. Men like Herb Welch began their training classes not with running the ropes and taking bumps, but by teaching them how to take care of themselves. The art of “shoot wrestling” has been lost to history, but in this booklet, Herb Welch shared his knowledge of the holds and maneuvers that he and others used to protect themselves and their reputations. With a new foreword from Herb’s protege “Dr. D” David Schultz, Herb’s wisdom appears here in print for the first time, just as he originally presented it.


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