Recent Release Roundup

April 9, 2019

The following recent releases did not get advance listings and thus weren’t in our weekly release schedule.

To Be The Man: Evil Ain’t Good: Chapter 4 by Jared Davis & Josh Taylor

It’s true that nothing makes wrestling great quite like a loud and rowdy crowd, but most nights out at the matches don’t end with a mob of pissed-off hellions jumpin’ the guardrail! Unfortunately for Hazard and Grimes, the Devil’s fanged flunkies are on their tails again, and tonight, they’re lookin’ for a rematch! Can “The Gargoyle” and his skunk-drunk nemesis, “Fabulous” Frank, overcome their boiling hatred for one another AND the heels’ infernal Numbers Game? Or will the Devil’s minions get their hellborn hands on championship gold and take the coveted SCW title belt up North to the soulless Bruce McMaverick? The Boys better be ready for a Rumble in Valdosta, ’cause Eeeeeeeevil is runnin’ wild in Georgia tonight!

The Business of Kayfabe: Turning Wrestlers’ Secrets Into a Million Dollars by Sean Oliver

Is that thing you love to do in your spare time worth a million bucks?

The personalities in pro wrestling have always been some of the most unique and entertaining in the world. For over ten years, Kayfabe Commentaries has been the leading production company in the shoot interview genre, and now you’ll go inside the company and see how it was done.

Sean Oliver, the on-camera ringmaster and co-owner of the company, takes the reader through all the components of building the business that bought the real-life personalities behind wrestling’s outrageous personalities to the masses. From the hits to the cancellations, Oliver explains the logic behind each decision in producing the shows and handling talent–often the most challenging aspect of the job.

Filled with real-world examples from Sean’s leading Kayfabe Commentaries, the book outlines the entrepreneurial tenets that can make a small business thrive. Building a “Business of Blood,” which Oliver describes as a business born out of its creator’s passion for a hobby, will give the small business owner advantages over big business. Go on the KC shoots, explore its business tactics, see the presentation Sean made to TNA Wrestling back in 2010, and hear about his product pitch to KISS’s Gene Simmons before he even founded KC. Everything Sean learned about succeeding in this out of the ordinary industry is presented to you in The Business of Kayfabe.

Join Sean and see how your Business of Blood might be able gross over a million dollars in under ten years due to your level of love and insight.

Good Advice From Professional Wrestling: Full Contact Life Lessons (Leadership Every Day) by D.X. Ferris & Darren Paltrowitz

Sports entertainment is the ultimate performance art. It’s a form of competition built on collaboration and cooperation. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Every successful wrestler has a diverse skill set that can help you get over too, no matter what your business or lifestyle.

Filled with short chapters and useful advice, this browsable motivational manual features inspirational quotes from dozens of wrestling icons. Each is followed by easy-to-read analysis and actionable tips that can turn a life around.

This one-of-a-kind positivity handbook breaks down the habits, skills, and strategies that your favorite superstars practice — and you can too, starting today.

Features a foreword by WWE Hall of Fame inductee, world champion, and fitness icon Diamond Dallas Page.

Luchadores: A History of Lucha Libre (Sports Shorts)

One of the quickest, most exciting and popular forms of professional wrestling is lucha libre from Mexico. For close to a century, crowds have been entertained and inspired by the wrestling bouts of legends like Mil Mascaras, Rey Mysterio, Santo, La Parka, Blue Demon, Mistico and many more.What started in small venues around Mexico in the 1930s has become an industry that is now known all around the world. Millions of fans attend live events and watch the television shows of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion and the many independent wrestling companies of Mexico.Find out the history of the sport, what’s in store for the future, what the rules of the game are, and more in this book.

Dropping the Belt by David Farrell

David Farrell had an idea for a story about a professional wrestler named Hunter.

Instead of writing it himself he decided to pay anonymous ghostwriters on the internet to cobble together the tale.

The results are hilarious, confusing and highly entertaining! This is the book that EVERY Wrestling fan should read!


Hunter is a professional wrestler who is moonlighting as a topless waiter.

He meets Ella during a hen’s night and introduces her to his world. 

Will Hunter and Ella be able to navigate their relationship or will they end up in a fight? 


This book is for fans of the written word and the downright absurd. It’s for lovers of dramatic themes, who don’t mind a professional wrestling dream. It’s for those who might enjoy some prose or a punch to the nose!

Come on a writing experiment into the unknown and discover for yourself whether three ghostwriters are better than one. You’ll love Dropping the Belt by Australian Author David Farrell.

WWE: The Official Cookbook by Allison Robicelli

Take your talents from the ring to the kitchen with WWE: The Official Cookbook, a collection of recipes and dishes inspired by your favorite WWE Superstars.

Can you smell what the WWE is cooking? WWE: The Official Cookbook gives fans a guide to creating a variety of fun dishes and drinks inspired by the WWE Universe of both the past and present. Indulge yourself with killer recipes like The Rock’s Jabroni Marcaroni Salad, John Cena’s Fruity Pebble Treats, and Macho Man’s Savage Nachos.

Featuring over 75 recipes and striking, full-color photographs, WWE: The Official Cookbook will feature separate categories for food and drink, from appetizers to desserts, creating the ultimate recipe collection for fans of the WWE

Beckett Wrestling Almanac 2019

The newest tilte on the Beckett Price Guide book calendar, this first edition of the Beckett Wrestling Price Guide contains pricing for trading cards and action figures/Funko POP! Figures and will include a bonus UFC/MMA section. The wrestling collectibles field has been underserved in recent years. With the release of this new book, that’s about to change.


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